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Volleyball in Nicaragua is growing. Beach Volleyball is growing even more.

San Juan del Sur is a fairly small fishing village turned tourism hub town, with about 29,000 inhabitants located on the Southern Pacific Coast of Nicaragua. A country full of skilled young athletes.  As a town, San Juan del Sur has produced a fair number of Division one athletes in a number of sports, including but not limited to baseball, track and field, cycling and Triathlon competitors to name a few.

Unlike many other sports, loved and practiced in this beach town, Beach Volleyball has become a focal point and the town has been known nationally as the Crib of beach volleyball. A title many locals repeat proudly among their peers when competing in national and international competitions.

Today San Juan del Sur proudly says, half of the National Selection team for beach Volleyball, comes from this tiny town. Of the top 8 ranked athletes, in male and female, 6 are from San Juan del Sur.

As in many small towns, local families lead simple lives and have specific economic restrictions. This is the case with most athletes who come from San Juan del Sur. Many local companies and families come together to support athletes for the basic material needs, like everyday equipment. However, when it comes to international competitions and inscriptions, the cost of airlines tickets and hotel stays are simply out of the reach for many if not all athletes.

It is here where key community people and supporters of youth sports programs become so very important. Today, we have the top Beach Volleyball Athletes who have beat the odds and qualified for an incredible opportunity to represent Nicaragua is this year’s World Beach Volleyball Games to be held in Tlaxcala Mexico from October 06 through Oct 16, 2023.  In order for these athletes to be able to attend the world games and play against some of the greatest players in the world, they need support from people like you and me.

Ruben Mora and Danny Alvarez and exemplary athletes who are laying the path for future generations. They are the first Athletes from San Juan to receive professional College degrees that’s to sports scholarships. They are also the first athletes to represent Nicaragua and win medals for their Country repeatedly. Again, a great example for the future generations not only of San Juan del Sur, but of Nicaragua in general.

In order to make sure Ruben Mora, Danny Alvarez and their coach can attend the world games we need to purchase airline tickets from Nicaragua to Mexico and they need certain required uniforms, supplements, food, transportation and a hotel to stay in during the games. They are not asking for money for themselves, they are asking for the support of the community to be able to participate in the games they have earned the right to play in and represent their country.

Based on projections we believe the athletes and coach will need raise a minimum of USD $7,500 to be able to travel to Mexico in order to Participate in the World Games. This does not include the registration fee since the fee has not yet been published.

Any donations above and beyond the projected budget will go toward purchasing equipment and uniforms required for younger teams. We appreciated all your support and look forward to seeing you on the beach, by the Volleyball courts of San Juan del Sur.

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