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Together For Health

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Building Community

Since 2018, Comunidad Connect has built health, security, and hope for over 30 vulnerable families in Nicaragua. Adequate shelter is often out of reach, and single mothers, those with special needs, and the elderly face even greater obstacles.

Building homes creates jobs, supports the local economy, and fosters dignity for families struggling to cover their basic needs.

Comunidad Connect can build a family of 5 a new home for approximately $3,000. There are many families on the waiting list. Your generosity today helps us reach more of these families tomorrow.

Dominican Developments

The Together For Health program has provided a continuum of care for special needs patients in Nicaragua for over 10 years. Using this experience and knowledge from the field, Comunidad Connect is designing training modules for our community partners in the Dominican Republic to access technical support and best practices related to the care of their special needs patients. 

We are raising $10,000 to pilot this training program in 2024. This amount will cover costs for the training and monthly home visits for 50 patients year round.

We extend an invitation to our academic partners to help us design this program. If you wish to learn more, please reach out to

Social Cafe

2024 will also see us start a social enterprise with our good friend Tio Antonio from Nicaragua to offer high-end hammocks to the robust tourism industry in the Dominican Republic. 

Puerto Plata is the Dominican Republic’s primary port for cruise ships and can receive up to 50 cruise ships a month. Tens of thousands of tourists monthly represent an enormous opportunity for Comunidad Connect, Tio Antonio, and the deaf community of Puerto Plata. We have identified several properties for Phase I, which will be a coffee shop and sales point for Tio Antonio’s hammocks 100% staffed by deaf people.

We are currently raising $15,000 to ship the initial batch of hammocks from Nicaragua and sign a 6-month lease. This will allow us to test the market, prove the concept, and identify a permanent space to purchase for phase two – a fully functioning hammock workshop operated by our deaf friends in Puerto Plata. 

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