Together for Health (Crisbell)

“I would like to tell all the families that have children with special needs, that we must have patience with them, love them, value them and support them. To move forward, as if they were any other child” – Tania America Picado Rivera

Tania America Picado Rivera is a single mother of four living in the rural community of Los Robles. Her daughter, Crisbell, suffers from cerebral paralysis and psychomotor problems in half of her body due to an accident at two months old. Isolation, high medical expenses, and a lack of specialists were great obstacles to treatment for Crisbell until 2015, when Comunidad Connect introduced Drs. Ben and Karen thrower to the family.

“I told him [Dr. Thrower] my daughter has special needs and I can’t afford to take her to therapy. He helped me with this support, and I began to feel better”, remembers Tania. Now, Comunidad Connect and monthly donors provide regular home visits and medicine for Crisbell.

Two years have passed and she is free of severe seizures, enjoys improved mobility, and is less hyperactive. “I would like to thank Drs. Thrower and Comunidad Connect for all the important projects that they have brought to Los Robles”, says Tania. “And not just our community, but other communities, as well. This is a project in which Comunidad Connect truly cares about the people. And sincerely, for me this is something very important.”



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