Dear Westminster Mission Engagement Committee,

Since the first visit to Nicaragua in 2015, to the most recent trip to the Dominican Republic in 2022, the Westminster community has impacted the lives of thousands of people. Through mission trips and grants, the church has created diverse humanitarian impact with projects such as improving families’ respiratory health by building clean-cook stoves and ovens, funding complete home construction, supporting our Health Connections program in Nicaragua, improving home accessibility for special needs patients, and more.

This page is private and made especially for you. In the table of contents below, you will find navigation links to see past impact and information about ongoing funding requests.

On behalf of our family partners, board of directors, staff, and community partners – thank you for all you do to improve the lives of so many families in Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic.


The Comunidad Connect Team

2023 School in Constanza, DR

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Health Connections in Nicaragua

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Maria Teresa Aguilar Rizo

Maria Teresa Aguilar Rizo (36) lives with her husband (48) and three children aged 17, 16, and 9 in Los Robles, Nicaragua. Her neighbors describe her as strong, humble, and hardworking. For years she has been an active volunteer, unconditionally supporting Comunidad Connect projects. Teresa and her husband, Jose, did not finish school because they started working at a young age to help their families. Together they hope that the youngest child, Norvin, will continue studying so that he will have more opportunities.

In April 2022, Teresa began to get sick and soon after was diagnosed with breast cancer. Despite this, she continued to volunteer on community housing projects. Always strong, enthusiastic, and friendly, Teresa is an inspiration to all.  In a couple of weeks, Teresa will undergo surgery to remove her tumors. Her oldest children, Herlina and Keidin plan to work more hours on nearby farms to that their mother can fully recover.

Teresa’s home was inadequate for her to have a dignified, safe and healthy recovery. The wooden walls were rotten and falling down and at risk of flooding. The children slept on boards on the dirt floor while Teresa and her husband rested in a makeshift bed. Teresa’s greatest dream as a mother and wife was to have decent housing for her family. In June of 2022, Comunidad Connect broke ground on the new house. 

Verónica Arauz

Verónica Arauz has been a brigadista in Los Robles, Nicaragua since 2014. In addition to being a health promoter, Veronica cooks regularly for our Food For Good program and has won the hearts of the food insecure elders she delivers to. She and her husband Luis act as a bridge between Comunidad Connect and families in the community, always available to support their neighbors in need. Whether donating their time and resources or delivering meals in the midst of a hurricane, Veronica and Luis are determined to improve the well-being of their community.

Veronica and Luis delivering meals during a hurricane

Luis is a mechanic who operates an automobile and motorcycle repair shop in the family home. This has presented a problem for their daughter, Luisania, whose chronic respiratory and skin allergies have worsened over the years from being around the workshop. Last year, Luis was diagnosed with cataracts in his left eye, which required surgery and constant care.

Veronica and Luis are hardworking and responsible and have always dreamed of building a new home so Luis could have designated space for his shop. Each year Comunidad Connect co-invests in a project with a Brigadista or community leader. After many years of unconditional support for the most vulnerable in their community, we were happy to help make their dream a reality. The family saved and acquired materials for many years and in the spring of 2022, we began construction on their new home.

Rosario del Carmen Granados

Rosario del Carmen Granados (45) lives in Los Robles, Nicaragua with her husband (far left) and 3 children. For 26 years, the family lived with relatives in an overcrowded house with 9 people total. The five of them shared the same room because they could not afford to build their own house. In addition, the youngest son Keyler (14), has autism and suffers from neurological problems. He has been a patient in our Together For Health special needs program for 5 years and his temperament has dramatically improved. However, his condition absolutely requires more room so he can continue physical therapy at home, gain independence and so his family can enjoy a better quality of life.

Rosario’s husband, Héctor, says his purpose in life is to give his children the opportunity to study and become professionals. His son Héctor (22) is in his last year of a bachelor’s degree in educational sciences while his daughter Belki (20) is in her 3rd year of a bachelor’s degree in chemical biology. Both children have good grades, are passionate about their careers, and aspire to be teachers.

In January 2022, a relative donated a small piece of land for Rosario’s family’s new home. They hand dug the foundation and drainage for the lot, just in time for the rainy season. In June, Comunidad Connect broke ground alongside Rosario, her family, and local volunteers.

School in Dominican Republic

The Centro Educativo 14 de Julio is a small school located in the mountainous town of Constanza, Dominican Republic.

This small building is the only classroom

  Teachers use an outside classroom when the weather is acceptable  

Front play area 

Video showing behind the school 

  Students have to immediately cross a busy street upon leaving the school  

Nicaragua Health Connections Support

Mission Trips

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