Dear Martha, Garnett, and the Clermont Foundation,

Thank you for including Comunidad Connect in your charitable giving last year. We are particularly grateful for your support of Elizabeth Castro and her family. Your donation in 2021 provided the resources to build them a new house through our program called Homes For Good.


The Comunidad Connect Team


(Left to Right) Francis, Priscilla, Elizabeth, Elias and Francisco

Elizabeth (28) and Francisco (41) have lived their entire lives in San Esteban, a rural farming community bordering Lake Apanas in the highlands of Nicaragua. They have two daughters aged 13 and 10, and a 2-year-old boy.

Their eldest daughter, Priscilla, has Down Syndrome and is a patient of our ‘Together For Health’ program. Our staff nurse Enma visits the family every month to conduct check-ups, deliver medicine, and assess the health and wellbeing of Priscilla.

Priscilla and Francis in 2017

Priscilla with Dr. Karen Thrower

Priscilla in 2021

6 years ago, Elizabeth helped us implement our clean water program called Nica Agua in San Esteban. She volunteered to visit families and organize neighborhood projects. Each day she would walk miles to educate her neighbors about the project and recruit others to volunteer.

Elizabeth (white shirt) with other Nica Agua project community organizers

Elizabeth and her family have remained close to Comunidad Connect ever since. They support their neighbors with what they have. During the harvest seasons when they have tomatoes or corn in their kitchen, they do not hesitate to share with those who visit.

Meanwhile, the family has struggled for many years with their meager housing situation. The dirt floor turns to mud in the rainy season and the five of them sleep together in one room on two handmade beds. This year, the rainy season has been particularly difficult as strong winds and rain have jeopardized the structural integrity of the house.

Thanks to the Clermont Foundation, they need not worry any longer. With a new roof, sound structure, and warm beds, Elizabeth and Francisco can worry less about the safety of their home and focus more on the health and education of Priscilla and her siblings.

Watch the videos below for interviews with the family and to see the home transformation.

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