Be A Sponsor

Sponsors help fund housing and healthcare for families caring for loved ones with special medical needs. 

A little goes a very long way in Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic. See below for how you can create generational impact for as little as $50. 

Home Modifications – Dominican Republic

People living with physical and cognitive deficiencies must often navigate difficult terrain and withstand the elements – just to get to the bathroom. 

We sponsor concrete floors, wheelchair ramps, structural repairs, and bathrooms to increase the security and dignity of families with acute medical needs. 

Home Modifications cost approximately $250-$500.

Home Construction – Nicaragua

Families that live on the margins of society do not always have the agency to choose where they live. They do the best with they have, but sometimes it is not enough to provide even the most basic of human rights – adequate housing. 

We provide safe housing for families living in precarious situations with special attention to single mothers and special needs patients. 

$3,000 covers materials and labor costs to build a house for a family of five in rural Nicaragua.

Specialzed Healthcare

We support neurological and pediatric patients and their caregivers in Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic. 

$50-$200 covers a medical home visit, transportation to a specialist, and medicine for one month. Current patients struggle with seizures, paralysis, autism, bipolar disorder, cancer, acute depression, development delays, and cleft lip/palate. 





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