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Kennesaw State Nursing in Nicaragua

Service Learning Journeys

Service Learning Journeys typically last from one to two weeks and include technical and non-technical volunteer work, service learning, recreational excursions and cultural immersion. Groups can select sites in Nicaragua or the Dominican Republic to complete coursework, research objectives, and/or community projects.

These projects include home renovation, clean-cook ovens and stoves, and water filters. Volunteers can also engage on a community level by working with health promoters, youth groups, local churches and clinics to improve community assets such as parks, schools, clinics, and community centers.

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Jon Thompson- CEO,  Yarisleidy Cortez- Director of Community, Enma Gutierrez- Los Robles Nurse


Nicaragua, nicknamed the land of lakes and volcanoes, is a truly a sight to behold. From the majestic rolling mountains of Jinotega, to the inviting beaches of San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua captures the hearts and imagination of all who visit. Known for their warm hospitality, rich cooking, and easy-going demeanor, Nicaraguans make strangers feel like family.

However, a tumultuous history and stifled development has left the country as one of the poorest in the eastern hemisphere. In rural areas, poverty rates are especially high, where 50% of households live in extreme poverty. Of a population of nearly 6 million, about 800,000 Nicaraguans lack access to improved water sources.

Through our Cultural Connections program, we work to alleviate poverty by involving communities in their own development and increasing the capacity of local organizations, while generating funds to continue social programs year-round

Coffee-covered mountains of Northern Nicaragua

Groups traveling to the northern highlands of Nicaragua stay on the organic coffee farm, Finca El Peten, within the community of Los Robles. With magnificent view of the lake and the distant mountains, visitors will enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner cooked by longtime friends, Silvia and Pedro. Kayaks are available and volunteers are welcome to explore the farm during their free time. Trip participants will also receive a coffee tour explaining the entire cultivation and production process as well as the importance of fair trade.

Groups bound for San Juan del Sur stay in hotels or hostels in the city, which are typically within walking distance of the beach. Groups usually spend most of their time doing activities and conducting programs in the sports park.

View from Finca el Peten lodging

Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic, located on the Eastern half of the Hispaniola Island, boasts of pristine white sand beaches and crystal clear waters, making it a top destination for a tropical getaway. Though not far past the resorts, the countryside’s lush rolling hills and tropical climate create idyllic opportunities for ecotourism, such as picturesque hikes, crashing waterfalls and coffee plantation tours led by local farmers.

Though for residents of communities, these rural conditions are barriers that isolate entire communities from critical products and services. In the DR, we partner with local organizations and community associations in the Puerto Plata province that focus on rural tourism, community development, and increasing access to health and education.

Groups traveling to the Dominican Republic will stay in a hotel in the city of Sosua, Puerto Plata. Service leaning work will take place in the surrounding communities of Montellano, Severet, Pancho Mateo, and Arroyo de Leche.


Commuity of Servert

 Cable car overlooking Puerto Plata

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