Rosibel Hernández (Community Impact)

Rosibel Hernández is a widow, mother of four and living in Paso Real – the most isolated corner of Los Robles, Nicaragua. Like most residents of this subsistence farming community, Rosibel relies on inconsistent wages to provide food for herself and her children.
In the spring of 2018, Comunidad Connect was notified of her living situation and found Rosibel and her children living in deplorable conditions. They were exposed to the elements, with ragged bed sheets and salvaged scraps of wood and metal providing little privacy or protection.
CC works to connect people that care with people in need, and it just so happened that Wesleyan School from Atlanta, GA was soon to arrive with 23 students and teachers. They contributed the funds and manual labor needed to build Rosibel and her family a permanent home” a “They contributed a portion of the funds and worked alongside community masons to build Rosibel and her family a permanent home
They worked over the course of four days with local masons and neighbors to clear the lot, lay the foundation, frame the house, and install a concrete floor. Neighbors donated wooden posts, roofing material, nails, and labor. The Wesleyan School team mixed concrete, hammered nails,  and carried supplies. Everyone came together for a family less fortunate and proved once again that we can much more together than on our own. Upon completion, full of emotion, Rosibel and her children expressed how grateful they were for a
safe and secure place to call home.

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