Our Work

We connect communities that care in ways that benefit all stakeholders.

Rural communities in Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic struggle to access basic resources and services, like clean water, food security, and health care. The local and national economies do not provide the income and food security local families need to escape the cyclical nature of poverty.

Comunidad Connect changes that paradigm by bringing together donors, volunteers, and institutions with appropriate resources and in-country partners with local expertise and experience. Together, we co-invest and implement projects and programs that improve the quality of life of families living in poverty. Everyone makes a difference.

Glessy, Francisco and their two children- Dominican Republic

Our Guiding Principles

Strengths Perspective:

We do not think of development in terms of addressing needs alone, but also within the context of local human and social capital.

Relationship Driven:

Sustainable development requires open and ongoing collaboration between global, national, and local partners; both public and private.

Resolving Isolation Drives Economic Development:

Connecting local communities with networks, knowledge, and capital creates opportunities for appropriate socio-economic development.


Investment of in-kind and financial resources by all committed partners is essential to ensure shared ownership of success.

Josefa's story of impact

Thank you for seeing us, not leaving us aside, and most importantly, providing my baby better-living conditions” – Josefa Meza Gutiérrez

Service Learning 

Comunidad Connect is a social enterprise that generates the majority of its operating costs by hosting groups of students, church members, and medical professionals who volunteer in communities in Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic

Proceeds from this program are invested in on-going community development work. This financial model remains central to the sustainability of value creation. 


Our model is unique in that project beneficiaries earn the projects they receive through community service. We ask families to volunteer in their community and through service hours, earn their desired projects. This benefits both both community and individual families while creating a sense of responsibility and human and social capital. For unique circumstances such as the elderly, single mothers of special needs patients, exceptions can be made. 

Life Bridge Church with community resisdents in Nicaragua

Los Robles Brigadistas Veronica and Doña Patrona with Director of Community Development, Yarisleidy



PO Box 2206 Fairhope, Alabama 36533

Telephone: +1(404) 444-9147 

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