Nicaragua Community Health Connection (NCHC) Bulletin May 2016

2nd Annual NCHC Health Summit
June 1-5, Los Robles. GA State, U of Calgary, Kennesaw State, and Social Enterprise @ Goizueta are confirmed, as well as many local stakeholders including the Ministry of Health. Presentations, site visits, and work sessions will bring together a diverse network of local and international, public and private program partners to discuss the present and future of community health in northern Nicaragua.
NCHC Advocates Campaign
You will soon see facebook posts, emails, and more about our drive to recruit 30 more advocates to the NCHC cause. Advocates provide monthly contributions ($20 minimum), timely advice, and promote NCHC within their network. If you are not already an Advocate, please consider becoming one. This is a great way to show your support! Sign up to become and Advocate.
Academic Engagement
KSU Grant
Our colleagues at Kennesaw State were recently awarded an internal grant to conduct a community health education needs assessment in Los Robles. This will be a community-based participatory research approach that will further inform NCHC program development in northern Nicaragua. Congrats Barbara and Johnathan!
Global Health Impact Project
The multi-disciplinary group of 6 graduate students from Emory will be arriving in Los Robles starting May 16 to begin their Summer project addressing respiratory health. Everyone attending the summit in Los Robles will meet this dynamic team in person.
Field Updates
Nica Agua in San Esteban
Comunidad Connect’s Nica Agua program expanded to the neighboring community of San Esteban earlier this year. The first 65 households invested just over 1,000 hours of community service and will receive their water filters next week, benefiting approximately 325 people.
Hot off the press!
Dr Ben Thrower is the Chair of the NCHC Program Advisory Council. He is also the Director of the MS Institute at the Shepherd Center. The group of medical professionals he recently led in Los Robles and San Esteban was featured in this past Sunday’s Atlanta Journal and Constitution. Read and share the story.

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