Program Impact & Goals for 2018 Holiday Campaign

Health – $30,000

$30,000 provides medical consultations for over 3,000 patients a year, including home-bound special needs patients. 95% are women and children. Let’s give year-round health care access to every resident – it only costs $10/person or $50/family to do so. 


Community Impact – $25,000

Help us raise $25,000 to reach 125 families (approx. 625 people) in 2019 that are living in dire circumstances and are need of basic living conditions like a concrete floor, strong walls, and a metal roof. Projects cost an average of $200 each. 



Youth Sports – $15,000

Each year we involve 500+ kids in organized sports through leagues, tournaments, and workshops. Raising $15,000 this holiday season ensures it’s “game on” for these young athletes in 2019. 





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