A Gift For Karen

Karen Falcón is a Nicaraguan woman with Muscular Dystrophy, a lifelong condition of progressive muscle loss in the lower and upper limbs. Her power wheelchair gives her the freedom to visit neighbors and sell products door-to-door in her community. This ability to move provides a means to support her retired mother whose pension of $200 a month is barely enough to make ends meet. 

Over time, Karen’s wheelchair has deteriorated beyond repair and she reached out to her old friend, Jon Thompson, for support. They met 15 years ago when Jon worked at the Brugger Foundation in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua. The foundation helped repair the same chair that has now become obsolete. 

To purchase and ship a new chair to Karen will cost approximately $4,500. Not often can one gift change the life of someone forever. Join Comunidad Connect by making a gift today that will help Karen support her family and interact with her community for many years to come.

“Badly maintained sidewalks in Nicaragua’s cities and towns are a struggle for anybody with mobility issues. There is little in the way of wheel ramps, and disability-friendly transportation is nonexistent. Mud roads and river access in the countryside are no help, either. Yet those who are determined will find a way.” -Frommers

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