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For vulnerable families, adequate shelter is often beyond their means. Single mothers, families with special needs patients and the elderly are at an even greater disadvantage.

Building homes creates jobs, fosters dignity, and protects against severe weather for families living in precarious situations.

Meet Trinidad Morales Gonzalez

Trinidad (24) with her children, pictured in front of their current shelter

Trinidad lives in the rural community of Los Robles, Nicaragua with her two young children. Her story comes to us from her 7 siblings, who advocated on her behalf to our Director of Community Development, Yarisleidy Cortez, early in 2020. This is what Yarisleidy found:

Trinidad currently lives with several of her brothers in a small home with a dirt floor, makeshift walls and roof made of salvaged sheets of thin sheet metal. It is no place to raise children. The stress of her living conditions often cause emotional instability, rendering her silent and withdrawn. Yet despite all her challenges, she is a loving mother that would greatly benefit from our special support. 

With $2,500, we not only construct a secure house for Trinidad and her two children this December, but provide a dignified home for generations to come. 

Trinidad (24) with her youngest child, pictured inside her current shelter

Building Trinidad’s new home

Home dedication for Trinidad 

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