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For vulnerable families, adequate shelter is often beyond their means. Single mothers, those with special needs and the elderly are at an even greater disadvantage.

Building homes creates jobs, supports the local economy, and fosters dignity for families living in precarious situations.

Blanca Nubia is a patient of the Together For Health program who suffers from epilepsy and an intellectual disability. Her husband, Julio, lost his job as a security guard in Jinotega when the pandemic hit in March of 2020. Fortunately, her 17-year-old stepson began working as a caretaker on a nearby farm to help the family with food expenses. However, because of Blanca’s vulnerable condition, their previous home did not offer appropriate security or shelter for the family.

Reyna & Luis are a young couple with two girls (6 & 13) and a baby on the way. Until recently, they lived in a makeshift shelter made with sheet metal and salvaged pieces of wood. Without a concrete floor, their one-room shelter became muddy when it rained. Their wood-burning stove was in the same room as the family bed, creating a constant fog of smoke to live with.

Give a home for the holidays

For $2,500, our staff,  a team of local volunteers, and paid labor can build a home for a vulnerable family in rural Nicaragua.

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