Homes For Good: Jose Isidoro Gutierrez

Jose Isidoro is 61 years old and lives in Los Robles, Nicaragua. He is a day laborer, working odd jobs wherever he can. Affectionately known as “Chilo”, Jose has the reputation of a quiet, respectful, and hard-working man.

He lives with his two sons, daughter-in-law, and grandchildren in a little house made of salvaged wood and plastic. The roof leaks when it rains and they often seek shelter with neighbors during intense storms. 

His hands and face reflect his hard life – always struggling to make ends meet. He has never lived in a house with a solid foundation, strong walls, and a roof that can withstand the rain. Every 5 years, he builds himself a new house, as the damp Nicaraguan rainy season eventually rots away his temporary structures.


Jose volunteered his building skills in 2014 , when Comunidad Connect built the Los Robles Community Health Clinic. In 2019 he began volunteering with us again when we began building homes in Los Robles. He likes helping others, but he also wanted to learn carpentry and masonry in order to build a permanent place for himself and his children. Under the guidance of our master mason, Guadalupe Gadea, Jose quickly learned new skills and became an essential helper to our Homes For Good projects. Out of the 20+ homes, we have constructed, Jose has worked on more than half.

In 2022, Director of Community Development, Yarisleidy Cortez, informed Jose that it was his turn to receive a new home. “It was like medicine to heal my heart” says Jose.


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