Primary, preventive, and specialized care in marginalized communities

Community Health

Human-centered primary and preventive healthcare

In rural Nicaragua, our partnership with the Ministry of Health (MINSA) and volunteer brigadistas form the framework for providing health care in two communities in the northern highlands (3,000 pop.).

Comunidad Connect nurse, Enma Gutierrez, works in the Los Robles clinic with a doctor from MINSA and leads health training sessions with the brigadistas. This ongoing education strengthens the brigadista’s capacity to advocate and support the most vulnerable residents in their communities.

Origin Story

During the 1980s, Nicaraguan communities were populated by women, children, and the elderly while able-bodied males were off fighting a civil war. It was not uncommon for some particularly dedicated women to form groups of Brigadistas to care for the vulnerable people in their community during this difficult time.

Approach & Aspirations

The Los Robles clinic is a primary care center that conducts over 3,000 consultations a year. 95% of the patients are women and children seeking assistance with common ailments like diarrhea and upper respiratory infections, as well as pre-and post-natal checkups by the clinic’s medical personnel. The clinic is also home base for community-wide campaigns like vaccines and outbreaks like COVID, malaria, and dengue.

Medical Consultations since 2016


of visits to clinic are women and children

Specialized Healthcare

The “Together For Health” program began in 2014 to serve neurological and pediatric patients in Los Robles and the neighboring community of San Esteban.  The program currently provides year-round care for 20 patients and their families.

Our continuum of care includes monthly homes visits, transportation to specialists, and medicine.

Origin Story

Drs Ben and Karen Thrower first visited Nicaragua the Summer of 2014. They originally planned to work on community infrastructure projects but quickly realized their expertise could be of great support to residents.

Approach and Aspirations

There are some patient cases that are beyond the means of the Los Robles clinic and the brigadistas. As patients living with special medical needs are identified, the Comunidad Connect nurse reviews the case with program staff to determine the severity of the situation and how we can help. 

Medical Homes Visits in 2021

Km driven to hospitals with special needs patients in 2021

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