Together we can reach more families to provide life essentials of clean water, health care, and food.

2020 In Review

New homes built for families

Medical home visits conducted

Kilometers driven to hospitals with special-needs patients

Meals Prepared and delivered to vulerable seniors

consultations in Los Robles clinic

Invested in local economy via temporary jobs

2021 Program Priorities

Travel will be limited in 2021. We do not know when the Covid-19 vaccine will be available for everyone. The economy will take time to recover. Small communities around the world will struggle to survive. TOGETHER, we can overcome the seemingly insurmountable. 

1. Improve Household Infrastructure

    • New home construction
    • Home repairs (roofs & latrines)
    • Improved technology (concrete floors & clean-cook stoves/ovens)

2. Address Food Insecurity 

    • Crop production via microloans
    • Land acquisition and crop cultivation
    • Preparation and delivery of meals to vulnerable populations

3. Increase Access to Quality Health Care

    • Primary care at Los Robles Clinic
    • In-home care for patients with chronic and permanent disabilities
    • Preventive health initiatives via local health promoters

4. Improve Access to Clean Water

    • Outreach and awareness
    • Education, monitoring, and evaluation
    • Water Filters

2020: A Year of Growing Closer

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