A Day In The Life:
Together For Health with Enma Gutiérrez

Ten Years and Counting:
Community Development with Yarisleidy Cortez

2020 Year in Review 

New homes built for families

Medical home visits conducted

Kilometers driven to hospitals with special-needs patients

Meals Prepared and delivered to vulerable seniors

consultations in Los Robles clinic

Invested in local economy via temporary jobs

2020: A Year of Growing Closer

2021 Program Priorities

Travel will be limited in 2021. We do not know when the Covid-19 vaccine will be available for everyone. The economy will take time to recover. Small communities around the world will struggle to survive. TOGETHER, we can overcome the seemingly insurmountable. 

1. Improve Household Infrastructure

    • New home construction
    • Home repairs (roofs & latrines)
    • Improved technology (concrete floors & clean-cook stoves/ovens)

2. Address Food Insecurity 

    • Crop production via microloans
    • Land acquisition and crop cultivation
    • Preparation and delivery of meals to vulnerable populations

3. Increase Access to Quality Health Care

    • Primary care at Los Robles Clinic
    • In-home care for patients with chronic and permanent disabilities
    • Preventive health initiatives via local health promoters

4. Improve Access to Clean Water

    • Outreach and awareness
    • Education, monitoring, and evaluation
    • Water Filters

Homes For Good

For vulnerable families, adequate shelter is often beyond their means. Single mothers, families with special needs patients, and the elderly are at an even greater disadvantage.

Building homes creates jobs, fosters dignity, and protects against severe weather for families living in precarious situations.

$2,500 pays for the materials and labor to build a home for a family of five. $200 finances a concrete, clean-cook stove or oven. 

Food For Good

Following the Nicaraguan socio-economic crisis of 2018, we launched our Food For Good program in response to food insecurity amongst elderly in the community of Los Robles (pop. 2,100). At that time, only 20% of all families in Los Robles were food secure while 29% were severely insecure.  

Knowing where your next meal comes from changes that paradigm and helps a family break the cycle of poverty.

Your gift of $50 provides 5 meals for a family.

Health Connections

Our Health Connections program is a portfolio of primary care and preventative health initiatives that link rural communities with the healthcare services they desperately need.  In addition to supporting health promoters and providing primary care for a catchment area of 3,000 people in Nicaragua, our “Together For Health” program also provides year-round care for 20 patients with special needs. 

Your gift of $50 provides a home visit by a medical professional and a month’s supply of medicine for one of these patients. 

Nica Agua

Established in 2012, Nica Agua provides low-tech, user-friendly water filters, education, and monitoring to combat prevalent illnesses in rural Nicaragua like diarrhea, parasites and kidney infections.

Participating families earn water filters by investing 16 hours of community service. This work includes projects like road repair, bridge construction, and school maintenance, that improve community assets for the benefit of all residents.

Your gift of $100 provides a water filter, education, and monitoring for a family of 5.

Going the Distance: Meyling Gutiérrez

Thanks to our generous community, Meyling and other patients of the Together For Health Program are able to make frequent visits to hospitals in Managua.

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