Don Ernesto

Don Ernesto is 78 years old and has lived in Los Robles, Nicaragua for over 40 years in an open-air wood structure with a dirt floor without any family nearby. Like many in this small community of subsistence coffee farmers, Don Ernesto has many health issues stemming from a long life working hard manual labor and living in an unhealthy home.

Interior wood burning stoves clog lungs with lingering smoke while dirt floors capture moisture and breed parasites. Don Ernesto’s health was failing and a few neighbors became aware of his situation and decided to take action. Javier Lopez Gonzalez and his family led the effort to build Don Ernesto a new home, saying he was motivated by Don Ernesto’s own generosity towards others when he was younger.
Before long, more neighbors pitched in to help with materials and labor. Over 45 people came together as part of this project, which Don Ernesto graciously accepted. One by one, the pieces came together and ultimately Don Ernesto received a dignified home. Comunidad Connect was elated to support this beautiful demonstration of community and recruited the support of Smokerise Baptist Church and Doctors Ben and Karen Thrower to install a concrete floor and clean cook stove. Don Ernesto remains extremely grateful for the assistance and says his door is open to all visitors from near and far!

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