Cultural Connections

Journey to Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic for cultural exchange, education abroad, and service learning. 



Dominican Republic

Our Approach

Cultural Connections is our service learning program that connects volunteers with Nicaraguan and Dominican communities working to alleviate poverty where they live.

Orgin Story

Comunidad Connect began by listening to local residents and leaders, public institutions and the private sector to identify development priorities.

Education Abroad

Engaging groups of students and faculty from North American universities via short-term trips, research, grants, and projects is central to our community development model.

Travel Testimonies

“We went to study a new design of the bio-sand filter, but we left with much more than just our data. New friendships, new experiences, and new perspectives accompanied us home.” –Tessa, University of Virginia

Why Travel With Us?

Traveling with Comunidad Connect combines traditional tourism with community service, allowing travelers to have fun while making a difference in the lives of others.


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Mark, Kennesaw State Nursing Student

Dr. Anne Lorio, Georgia State University

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