Cultural Connections


For groups that are interested in public health and want to collaborate directly with our Nica Agua program and accompany local health volunteers in the field. Come learn and engage!

Duration: 12 days

Enjoy five days in a rural community in the beautiful mountains of Northern Nicaragua.

  • Spend your nights at an Eco-Lodge on a certified organic coffee farm.
  • Work alongside community health volunteers to support a rural health clinic.
  • Interact with the community by participating in the water filter project, Nica Agua.

Milk cows, tour the coffee farm, and take traditional cooking classes.
Participate in sports-oriented cultural exchange and play with kids.

Travel to Southwest Pacific Nicaragua for a five-day coastal adventure.

  • Participate in health and hygiene impact seminars in the community.
  • Assist health services and participate in medical campaigns.
  • Learn about local natural remedies and visit an aging urban hospital.
  • Visit a social enterprise providing income to the disabled.
There will be time for traveling and leisure too!
  • Tour hundreds of tiny volcanic islands on one of the biggest lakes in the world.
  • Visit Granada, the oldest colonial city in the Western Hemisphere.
  • Go on walking tour of a local fishing village.



For groups interested in experiencing how social enterprise can thrive in different cultural contexts, we invite you to come collaborate with small businesses, rural cooperatives and corporate social responsibility programs in Nicaragua. Put your best skills to work!
Duration: 12 days

Enjoy four days on an organic coffee farm whose community development efforts have become a national model.

Learn about the production of coffee and its socio-economic impacts.
Explore coffee plantations, mountain reserves, and visit cooperatives.
Partner with a community bank on a social impact project.
Travel to the beautiful beaches of the Southwest Pacific Coast for a four-day stay.

Visit Colonial Granada and it’s artesian small businesses.
Stay with a home stay family experiencing Nicaraguan hospitality firsthand.
Visit a corporate social responsibility program saving baby turtles and recycling.
Observe production of art, pottery, jellies, and traditional Nicaraguan food.
You’ll have time to relax and explore as well!

Surf, sail or fish (lessons by local experts available).
Enjoy rocking chairs overlooking Lake Apanas.
Take a day off and relax on a pristine beach.
Venture into the jungle for a guided Canopy Tour.


For groups that enjoy engaging with children, rural construction, and the rustic lifestyle. Your adventure awaits!

  • Spend three days on a farm that rehabilitates young children used to living on the street.
  • Help with farm work like planting, weeding, and building structures.
    Play soccer and games with the kids.
  • Learn about the impact of poverty on youth development.
  • Travel to a beautiful rural community of coffee growers for a five-day stay.
  • Learn rural construction on projects designed and managed by the local community.
    Work side by side with local residents, exchanging culture while lending a hand.
  • Stay with a Nicaraguan family experiencing the wonders of rural life.
    Milk cows, go on bird watching hikes, and learn about coffee production.
    You’ll have time to explore and travel, too!
  • Swim in a crystal-clear crater lake of an extinct volcano.
    Visit Granada, the oldest colonial city in the Western Hemisphere.
    Tour hundreds of tiny volcanic islands on one of the biggest lakes in the world.
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