Connecting Communities That Care

Life-changing opportunities for personal and professional development

Comunidad Connect is a non-profit social enterprise that generates operating revenue by hosting volunteers in Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic. We combine proceeds with philanthropic donations to fund on-going community development work in our partner communities.

Service Learning

We believe that deep down, everyone wants to be a good person and leave the world a better place. Our job is to make that happen. Since 2007, we have connected over 1,000 volunteers with opportunities to change the lives of others while experiencing new cultures in developing countries like Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic.

Kennesaw State University Health Promotions in the Domincan Republic 

“We went to study a new design of the bio-sand filter, but we left with much more than just our data. New friendships, new experiences, and new perspectives accompanied us home.”

Academic Opportunities

Engaging groups of students and faculty from North American universities via short-term trips, research, grants, and projects is central to our community development model. We manage ongoing social programs and projects in Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic throughout the year, with a strong focus on family/community health and wellness.

Kennesaw State University Nursing in Nicaragua

Nursing Student Gains Greater Insight into Rural Poverty

“As my first true experience outside of the US, Comunidad Connect’s opportunity to volunteer in southern Nicaragua was an escapade I’ll never forget…”

Independent Volunteers / Internships

Looking for a unique cultural immersion experience? We work with independent volunteers by crafting custom itineraries based on their specific interests and talents.

We also offer internships for those wishing to apply their skills to the real world of community development. These can be project-based, at homes or abroad and are selected on a case-by-case basis.

Summer Intern, Abigail Hunt, with some friends in Nicaragua. 

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