Community Health

Our Health Connections program is a portfolio of primary care and preventative health initiatives that seek to link rural communities with the healthcare services they need.  In Nicaragua, we partner with the Ministry of Health to provide primary care in two communities (4,000 pop.). In Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic, we collaborate with community health promoters to strengthen their capacity to advocate and support the most vulnerable residents in their communities.  

Comunidad Connect, local organizations, and international academic partners help guide this work by establishing evidence of needs and developing pilot projects.

Medical Consultations since 2016

Juntos Por La Salud

The “Together For Health” program was founded by Drs. Ben and Karen Thrower during a Comunidad Connect trip to Los Robles, Nicaragua in 2014. They began serving neurological and pediatric patients, expanded to San Esteban, and currently care for 20 patients. This program is made possible by generous monthly donors. Please consider joining them today by making a monthly contribution to cover costs associated with medicine, exams, and staff. Your support directly impacts the lives of patients and their families.

Building Community

For vulnerable families, adequate shelter is often beyond their means. Single mothers, those with special needs and the elderly are at an even greater disadvantage. 

Building homes creates jobs, supports the local economy, and fosters dignity for families living in precarious situations.

Men, Women, and children benefitting to date

Food For Good

Following the socio-economic crisis of 2018, we launched our Food For Good program in response to food insecurity amongst elderly in the community of Los Robles. As of 2019, only 20% of all families in Los Robles are food secure while 29% are severely insecure.  

Knowing where your next meal comes from changes the paradigm and is an important step towards breaking the cycle of poverty.

Meals delivered every month

Temporary jobs every month


Lack of funding and technical assistance present barriers to business opportunities. Together we can invest in people and their ideas by providing micro loans, education, and training.

Youth Connections

Everyone wins with youth sports. Communities are safer and the local economy thrives via organized sports leagues, tournaments, and special events. Local leaders are supported via coaching clinics, training resources, and material donations. We currently manage multiple soccer, baseball, basketball, and volleyball leagues with an active enrollment of over 500 participating youth throughout the year.

Number of Athletes Annually

Part- Time Jobs Created

People who have access to clean drinking water

Nica Agua

Established in 2012, Nica Agua provides low-tech, user-friendly water filters, education, and monitoring to combat some of the most prevalent illnesses in rural Nicaragua like diarrhea, parasites and kidney infections.

Participating families earn their water filters by investing a minimum of 16 hours of community service. This work includes projects like road repair, bridge construction, school maintenance, and attending health seminars and are meant to improve community assets for the benefit of all residents.

The economic benefit of reduced illness is a major incentive for families to replace expiring filters at the end of the project period. Nica Agua has seen amazing success: more than 80% of beneficiaries have fully adopted the use of the filter and have clean, drinkable water in their homes.

Hours of community service hours invested

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