Our Common Ground

Working across borders, helping neighbors, supporting friends

Areas of Impact

Family Impact Projects

Nicolasa and her five children were living in a precarious situation

Nicolasa Rizo and her five children were living in a shelter made of plastic and sleeping together in one bed on a muddy floor.

She was nominated by friends and neighbors to receive a project because of her selfless participation in the community and the dire need to improve the family’s living conditions.

Over the course of a week, our community of support in the U.S. joined forces with volunteers from the community of Los Robles Nicaragua to build Nicolasa and her children a dignified home.

Finished home!

The family’s shelter before

Yarisleidy presenting  Nicolasa and her children with keys to their new home

Nicolasa- “Thank you for everything… Thank you for looking after me. I never thought I would have a home like this. “

Yarisleidy- “Thank you everyone for making Nicolasa’s dream for her family a reality. Today we present her with the keys to her new home; complete with beds, furniture, and clothing that you all provided through timely donations. Nicolasa and her 5 children now have a dignified home.”

2019 Family Impact Projects and New Homes Benefiting 100+ people

Community bathrooms built in the Dominican Republic benefitting 80 people

Beneficiaries from renovating multi-family housing

$200 builds a concrete floor, smoke-venting stove or oven, zinc roof, or bathing area

$2,500 builds an entire home

Insect Repellent Paint

We use a natural insecticide that traps mosquitoes which can then be swept away. This helps reduce mosquito-borne illnesses such as Dengue, Chikungunya, and Zika. The bright white coloring also discourages rodents who typically prefer dark spaces in homes.

Clean-Cook Ovens and Stoves

Most families in rural Nicaragua cook over an open flame, often leading to chronic illnesses such as respiratory infections, pneumonia, and asthma. Our stoves uses less wood, which save money while also funneling the smoke outside the house. Ovens provide a source of income for women who bake bread and pastries for sale.

Concrete Floors

Many parasites are found in dirt floors of homes in rural Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic. Concrete floors reduce such pests, mold growth, diarrhea, and anemia, while also improving respiratory health.Sanitary and secure floors also provide ideal space for infant “belly-time”. 

Community Health

We are all caregivers

Meyling Gutiérrez

Meyling Gutiérrez

Meyling is 3 years old and lives in the community of Los Robles with her parents and 2 sisters. She was born with a syndrome that affected her vertebrae, trachea, and esophagus development, and caused several congenital birth defects.

Through the Together For Health Program,  Meyling recieves medicine and private transportation. In the summer of 2019, Meyling underwent a successful esophagus replacement surgery.

Raquel Blandon Rizo

Raquel Blandon Rizo

Raquel is 17 years old and lives in the community of Los Robles, Nicaragua with her mother, brother and grandmother. She was born with a cognitive disorder resulting in limited mental capabilities. She is hyperactive, compulsively bites her hands and suffers from seizures.

A patient of the Together For Health program since 2016, Raquel receives medicine monthly and personal transportation to a psychiatrist in Jinotega every two months. This support improves her quality of life and alleviates the financial burden.



Priscila is a 9 year old with Downs Syndrome from the community of San Esteban, Nicaragua. She lives with her mother, Elizabeth, her father, Francisco, and little sister, Francis.

Every two months she visits a pediatrician and endocrine specialist in Managua for evaluations. She also receives medicine for migraines and pain and vitamins for healthy growth. Despite her condition, Priscila has not fallen behind her peers academically.

The program currently provides a continuum of care to 20 special needs community residents

$50 covers a month of medicine and transportation for a patient

Enma Gutiérrez

Enma Gutiérrez

Enma first joined the team in 2017 as Nurse of the Los Robles Health Clinic, serving a catchment area of over 3,000 people. In addition to seeing over 300 patients monthly at the clinic (95% women and children), she also manages treatment plans for the special needs patients of our Together For Health Program throughout the year. She also coordinates and supports the active network of community health promoters in Los Robles every month.

Medical consultations provided in rural Nicaragua this year


Are women and children

Food For Good

Taking care of those most vulnerable

Director of community development, Yarisleidy, delivering a meal

What is Food For Good?

Political unrest in Nicaragua has stressed both the national and local economies. Rural communities struggle to support themselves and vulnerable families have become more isolated. Together we address food security by providing 140+ nutritious meals to elders monthly.

Meals delivered to vulnerable seniors in 2019

Maria Teresa Samora Cruz- 79

Maria Teresa Samora Cruz- 79

Maria lived with her brother until he died more than three years ago. Since then, she has lived alone with little social support. When our staff delivers her meals, Maria always shares some wisdom: “You have to do exercise to get rid of pain”

Teleforo- 87

Teleforo- 87

Teleforo lives alone in the community of Los Robles, Nicaragua, relying on his neighbors to care for him. He is completely deaf yet thoroughly enjoys reading. 

Ciriaco Gonzalez-99

Ciriaco Gonzalez-99

Ciriaco lives in the community of Los Robles, Nicaragua. Although he does have family there, Ciriaco lives alone in another sector of the community. Given his age, he suffers from hearing loss, high blood pressure, and heart problems. Ciriaco will turn 100 this December! 

Youth Sports

Building Community From the Ground Up

“I believe he’s [my son] going to be somebody very important in life. The community won’t say “he’s just a drunk in the street” but rather, “Wow! Very impressive that Johanssy”. Playing sports has helped him a lot and I dream of seeing that day come. “

Jorge Solis, San Juan del Sur

Every year, over 500 children register in year-round baseball, soccer, and volleyball leagues

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