Caribbean Surf Connection

Providing opportunities for children to grow and thrive through surf.

Comunidad Connect and the CSC

Caribbean Surf Connection (CSC) started on the north coast of the Dominican Republic by Jorge “El Pupy” Mijares and his company The Search D.R. What began as a national junior surf circuit has become a movement to build a cross-cultural community of support for kids that come from all walks of life in the Dominican Republic. 

Comunidad Connect supports the Caribbean Surf Connection because we believe that youth sports provide pathways to safe, healthy, and productive ways of life for everyone involved. We want every kid to feel part of a team, succeed on their own merits, and be celebrated for who they are instead of what they have. 

CC helps young surfers with travel and food so they can participate in CSC events away from home. We also sponsor specific events that generate jobs for locals, promote community-based tourism, and raise awareness of coastal conservation. 

In the water, everyone is equal and everyone has a chance to succeed. A family of young surfers is growing in the Dominican Republic, and we invite you to be a part of it. We hope you consider a donation and share our story with others in your community. Doing so extends our capacity to reach more kids through the Caribbean Surf Connection.

Oh! If you are looking for waves, come on down and visit. We are just a few hours away and would be honored to host your next surf trip. You might even find yourself in the line up with kids from the Caribbean Surf Connection!!

How did CSC begin?

“Surfing changed my life. So many of my childhood friends are locked up, deadbeats, or dead. My mom saw that I was interested in surfing so she helped me get a board and took me to the beach as much as possible. She knew I had to go to bed early in order to get to the beach the next day morning for the best waves so it kept me from staying out with my friends and getting into trouble. I see so many kids in the same scenario here in the Dominican Republic, but they don’t always have a parent to help them the way my mom did for me. That’s why I started the Caribbean Surf Connection, and that’s why your support is so important.”

Jorge “El Pupy” Mijares

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