María is a 78-year-old woman who lives with her husband Inocenco (77), and her grandson Anllel (15). María and Inocencio met when they were young and have shared every joy and challenge life has presented them. Together they have 7 children who live in the surrounding areas and visit from time to time.

Maria and Inocenco live in San Esteban II, a rural farming community across the lake from Los Robles, Nicaragua. When he was younger, Inocencio made a living by working hard in the fields, cultivating land, and planting vegetables and fruits. María dedicated herself to supporting Inocenio with the farm work while raising their children and taking care of the household chores. Despite the challenging conditions, they never let their children go hungry.

Now they are an elderly couple, both suffering from high blood pressure. Inocencio’s condition is delicate since he suffers from COPD, a chronic disease that affects the lungs and reduces airflow. Eight years ago he had a stroke, which worsened his condition and affected his speech. He cannot walk alone, one of his hands is disabled, and daily tasks must be done with the help of María. Despite all these difficulties, she has supported him, saying that Inocencio is her only company. They stay together through thick and thin and she feels lucky to have him by her side. Both Maria and Inocenco are members of Comunidad Connect’s “Together for Health” project and receive healthcare in the form of year-round medication, home visits, and transportation to specialists.

Doña María expressed feeling sad, sometimes because of her husband’s condition. She felt helplessness and fear because she could not work even if she wanted to. A lot of this stress stemmed from the state of their home. With rotten wooden boards, rusted zinc, and makeshift plastic, the house was at major risk of flooding and collapse. During the rainy season, water would fall from holes in the roof making it difficult to rest. They feared a storm would simply rip the roof clean off, leaving them homeless.

Due to the couple’s advanced age and isolated home, it was difficult for them to help other Homes For Good projects. However, their grandson Anllel, was able to volunteer in several previous homes in their absence. For years now, it has been María’s dream to have a home where she could rest soundly next to her husband. She wanted to feel safe and happy. In June of 2024, this became a reality for Maria and Inocenco when Comunidad Connect donors sponsored the construction of their new home.

People like Maria and Inocenco deserve to live in a better situation because they have dedicated much of their lives to working and caring for their families. Having a safer and more secure home brings more peace, provides a better sense of life satisfaction, and improves emotional health.

On behalf of Comunidad Connect staff a and community partners, thank you for being a part of this transformational work. We couldn’t do it without you.

See below for their 3 part video series

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