Gloria Mairena, her husband, Berman, and their son, Axel, are our most recent Homes For Good partner family. Thanks to our generous community of support from abroad together with local volunteers and masons, they will no longer have to suffer from a leaky and insecure house. We invite you to watch their story and share it with others this holiday season. Together we can build homes for many more deserving families in rural Nicaragua.


Gloria is a community leader in Los Robles, Nicaragua. She can be found volunteering with Comunidad Connect on home construction projects or maintaining the local health post. Her husband, Berman, finds work on farms in the community. He supports Gloria at home whenever she is out helping other families. Berman says, “She tells me that she is going to support the family in their project because one day it will be our turn too. I tell her that it is fine, and I’ll often cook on those days”. Together, they are raising a 4-year-old boy named Axel. He’s smart, active, and attends the community preschool.

In late 2023, it became their turn when Comunidad Connect donors financed a new home for Gloria, Berman, and Axel.

Before, they were renting a relative’s house that was in poor condition because Berman’s salary was barely enough to cover the family’s basic expenses, much less to build a decent place for his family.

The whole family suffered in the rainy season as the house flooded and Axel got sick from the moisture. Furthermore, they had to coordinate errands for fear of being robbed. If Gloria went out, Berman stayed home. And when Berman was working, Gloria would stay home with Axel until Berman arrived.

They worried a lot about their future because the owner of the house wanted to return, make repairs, and live in the house. He gave them some time to look for options, but Gloria and Berman didn’t know what they were going to do.

Thanks to an inheritance from Berman’s father, they had a piece of land. Berman put the land in Gloria’s and Axel’s names, so they would always have a valuable asset. And in 2023, their new home was built there.

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