Claudia is a single mother of 2 girls and 4 boys. She separated from her partner several years ago and has since undergone surgery to prevent unplanned children in the future. The separation left her without economic support, so she moved her family in with her parents, who gave them a single room to share. Over the years, the two oldest boys built a bedroom out of wood on the back of the house so that their mother and younger sisters could be more comfortable.

Since then, Claudia has shared a room with her 4 youngest children. In addition to being overcrowded, the dilapidated roof leaked constantly during the rainy season.

To make ends meet, Claudia learned to cook and bake through educational courses provided by the local municipality. She honed her skills and is now sought after to cook for community activities as well as fill orders for bread and cakes. She also washes the clothes of her neighbors to make additional income.

Claudia volunteering on a Homes For Good Project, 2023

Claudia dreamed of building a house for her family, but it had always been out of reach. In an effort to make this dream come true, Claudia and her elder children volunteered on Homes For Good projects in their community during the past few years. Although there was no guarantee that she would receive her own home, Claudia knew volunteering would increase her chances.

As fate would have it, Claudia’s father transferred her ownership of a small plot of land in Los Robles, Nicaragua in 2022. The family quickly got to work on clearing the land and cutting down trees to make posts and beams. However, these efforts were not enough to build a decent house.

A few months later, Claudia was informed that her dream would come to pass. A new home would be built soon, made possible by the generosity of Comunidad Connect donors, local masons, and her fellow neighbors.

At her home dedication ceremony, Claudia opened and read a prepared note as she addressed the audience before her. Thanking God, the international donors, and the Comunidad Connect staff, she expressed gratitude and love to those around her for making her family’s new reality possible.

Homes For Good projects are made possible by the generosity of our community. To support this program, use the button below. Thank you.


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