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Modesta Blandin is the epitome of our co-investment guiding principle. She is 52 years old and has lived her entire life in Los Robles. A single mother to 3 boys, who also lives with her 3 brothers, Modesta is well respected by her neighbors. She is humble and kind and has worked hard to support others in her community.
Modesta has volunteered on every single home construction project (17) we have completed in Los Robles since 2018, working full days alongside our master mason, Guadalupe Gadea. Because of her living situation and her outstanding community service, Modesta was selected to receive a new home in 2023.
Click here to watch her 3 part video story
Our Fall events calendar is full of opportunities to connect and come together to celebrate our collective work. Visit the link below for more information and to save the dates to your calendar. More event details to follow! 
Save the dates!
Together For Health patient, Crisbel, is seen here receiving physical therapy in the Los Robles Health Clinic. Since entering the program in 2015, her range of movement has significantly increased. Physical therapy sessions, like the ones pictured above, as well as simple exercises in the home facilitated by her mother, have greatly improved Crisbel’s quality of life.
We thank you for supporting patients like Crisbel with monthly medicine, home visits, and transportation to specialists.

Caribbean Surf Connection (CSC) started on the north coast of the Dominican Republic by Jorge “El Pupy” Mijares and his company The Search D.R. What began as a national junior surf circuit has become a movement to build a cross-cultural community of support for kids that come from all walks of life in the Dominican Republic.

In July, they held their first-ever Surfers for Autism event in Boca Chica. It was a day full of love and happiness and they intend to do many more events like this in the future.

Comunidad Connect partners with the Caribbean Surf Connection because we believe that youth sports provide pathways to safe, healthy, and productive ways of life for everyone involved. We want every kid to feel part of a team, succeed on their own merits, and be celebrated for who they are instead of what they have.


Welcome home to Westminster Presbyterian Church from Greensboro, NC. In late July, the group traveled to the Dominican Republic and worked with a number of families throughout the week constructing bathrooms, improving accessibility, and building community. Big thanks to Puente Desarrollo Internacional for facilitating this trip and connecting communities that care! In our next newsletter, we will detail their experience and share more multimedia.

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