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15 years ago, Comunidad Connect was founded on the ideal of being a good neighbor. Since then, thousands of change-makers like you have joined us to alleviate poverty in Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic.

Last year we continued building homes for vulnerable families and provided health care to thousands in Nicaragua. In the D.R., we partnered with local leaders to improve home accessibility for special needs patients. In the US, we organized public events to grow our community of support, including one of the largest LatinX festivals in the southeast.

We are grateful that you are with us along the way. We are excited about what the future holds for us all in 2023 and beyond, especially for our neighbors who need our help the most. Together, we are the change we want to see in the world.

Closer Than Ever Before


Until two months ago, Jose Isidoro Gutierrez had never lived in a house with a solid foundation, strong walls, and a roof that could withstand the rain. His entire life has been spent in makeshift dwellings, rebuilt over and over again after each rainy season.  We built Jose and his family a home in December 2022 with resources made possible by a family in Virginia. Shortly thereafter, we connected Jose with those donors via a Zoom call.


Despite the physical distance between us and families in Nicaragua and the D.R., technology allows us to be closer than ever before. To learn more about connecting virtually or in person with families and communities in Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic, contact us at:

Comunidad Connect in the Dominican Republic


We are very excited about expanding Comunidad Connect in the Dominican Republic. Click here or the image above to visit an interactive map with photos, videos, and fun facts about where we work in the D.R. You are invited to join us! We are currently hosting small and large groups and it is not too late to plan a Summer trip with your family and friends. Email us today at for more information.

Good Deeds Deserve Another


Tingo and Marlene Alaniz, their daughters Angela, Francis, and Gema, and four grandchildren live in Los Robles, Nicaragua. For the last decade, the Alaniz Family has unconditionally supported Comunidad Connect. They helped construct the community health clinic, collect data, build homes, launch pilot projects and start our community garden. In November 2022, Comunidad Connect donors helped six members of the Alaniz family convert their old kitchen into new rooms where Francis and her two children now live. After many years of the family sleeping and sharing one small room, this extra space means more privacy as the kids get older, and dignity for a family that has given so much to their community. Watch their Homes For Good video by clicking the image above.


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