Maria Teresa Aguilar Rizo (36) lives with her husband (48) and three children aged 17, 16, and 9 in Los Robles, Nicaragua. Her neighbors describe her as strong, humble, and hardworking. For years she has been an active volunteer, unconditionally supporting Comunidad Connect projects. Teresa and her husband, Jose, did not finish school because they started working at a young age to help their families. Together they hope that the youngest child, Norvin, will continue studying so that he will have more opportunities.

A few months ago Teresa began to get sick and soon after was diagnosed with breast cancer. Despite this, she continued to volunteer on community housing projects. Always strong, enthusiastic, and friendly, Teresa is an inspiration to all.  In a couple of weeks, Teresa will undergo surgery to remove her tumors. Her oldest children, Herlina and Keidin plan to work more hours on nearby farms to that their mother can fully recover.

Teresa’s current home is inadequate for her to have a dignified, safe and healthy recovery. The wooden walls are rotten and falling down and with the rainy season starting, the house is sure to flood. The children sleep on boards on the dirt floor while Teresa and her husband rest in a makeshift bed. Teresa’s greatest dream as a mother and wife is to have decent housing for her family. In June of 2022, Comunidad Connect will break ground on the new house. Teresa’s housing project is highly anticipated by all the previous family partners, who are excited to go and support Teresa, just as she supported them. 

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