Verónica Arauz has been a brigadista in Los Robles, Nicaragua since 2014. In addition to being a health promoter, Veronica cooks regularly for our Food For Good program and has won the hearts of the food insecure elders she delivers to. She and her husband Luis act as a bridge between Comunidad Connect and families in the community, always available to support their neighbors in need. Whether donating their time and resources or delivering meals in the midst of a hurricane, Veronica and Luis are determined to improve the well-being of their community.

Luis is a mechanic who operates an automobile and motorcycle repair shop in the family home. This has presented a problem for their daughter, Luisania, whose chronic respiratory and skin allergies have worsened over the years from being around the workshop. Last year, Luis was diagnosed with cataracts in his left eye, which required surgery and constant care.

Veronica and Luisania

Veronica and Luis delivering meals during a hurricane

Veronica and Luis are hardworking and responsible and have always dreamed of building a new home so Luis could have designated space for his shop. Each year Comunidad Connect co-invests in a project with a Brigadista or community leader. After many years of unconditional support for the most vulnerable in their community, we were happy to help make their dream a reality. The family saved and acquired materials for many years and in the spring of 2022, we began construction on their new home.

Watch the video below to see their home construction. 

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