In 2018, a socio-economic crisis in Nicaragua caused the national economy to collapse. Comunidad Connect’s field staff realized that many elderly residents were only eating once a day. In response, CC began distributing meals to the most vulnerable people in Los Robles. Community health promoters listed the households most in need. In an open meeting, they reached a consensus about who would be included in the program. Within a week, the first hot and nutritious meals were being distributed. During the first three years of the program, 6,000 plates of food have been prepared and delivered. We call this our “Food For Good” program. 

Community health promoters delivering meals 

In 2020 a health promoter named Deisy Gonzalez asked Director of Community development, Yarisleidy Cortez, if Comunidad Connect would be interested in an investment opportunity. Her family knew how to plant corn and beans, and owned fertile land – but did not have the money necessary to cultivate such cash crops. And thus, our “Grow For Good” program was launched by offering loans to two families in Los Robles and San Esteban. 

Both loans were repaid and Deisy was able to harvest enough corn to fund a cottage industry selling handmade tortillas, nacatamales, and a traditional drink called Pinol. We have established a fund for further investments in small farmers like Deisy throughout Nicaragua.

Deisy Gonzalez

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