Goal 2 of the United Nations Sustainability Development Goals is to “end hunger by achieving food security, improving nutrition, and promoting sustainable agriculture”. Our “Food For Good” program directly addresses food security by providing nourishment to those who are in need. Three paid health promoters of Los Robles staff this program to prepare and deliver 250 meals a month to seniors living alone, special needs patients, and other isolated residents of the community (pop. 2,200).

As we grow the program, we have three main goals: First is to feed more residents. The second is to increase the number of meals per day and the third is to make the program more sustainable. One way we intend to accomplish these goals is to create a cycle of self-sustainability within the ‘Productivity’ programs. For example, we will incentivize recipients of ‘Grow For Good’ loans to grow for their food-insecure neighbors. Another idea is to prioritize local business proposals that address food insecurity. As the newest area of Comunidad Connect’s programs, we are always learning, adapting, and responding to the necessities of the community. Knowing where your next meal comes from changes the paradigm and is an important step toward breaking the cycle of poverty.

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