Virginia and Uriel 

Virginia Chavarria is a joyful and optimistic 71-year-old woman who has been a Brigadista in the community of Los Robles, Nicaragua for over 15 years. She is a partner of Comunidad Connect and a leader in her community, always available and willing to support ongoing projects. For years without fail, she has walked more than 2 kilometers to the Los Robles health clinic in order to participate in preventive health and family planning training. As a Brigadista, her volunteer role is to promote health and well-being best practices in her area of the community in addition to being a connection to health services, such as the city ambulance and our nurse Enma. 

Virginia and Fredy 

Virginia lives with her husband Uriel (64) and son Fredy (32). Like most families in Los Robles, they earn income by picking coffee or harvesting crops such as corn and beans. Fredy has Down syndrome and often follows his father and uncles to work in the fields. Sadly, Uriel recently suffered a thrombosis in his foot resulting in amputation. He currently, and for the foreseeable future, will use a wheelchair to move around.

Maria, Virginia and Yarisleidy 

Complete with rotting wood, a smoke-filled kitchen, and wheelchair inaccessibility, Virginia’s family was selected to receive a new home as part of the Homes For Good project. After years of volunteering for others, Virginia has certainly earned it. Her new home will not only be adequate housing for the family, but a safe and secure place for this elderly couple to rest. Watch her home transformation below:

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