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Josefa Tinoco, 36, is humble and quiet. She lives with her husband, Jose and teenage daughter, Frania, in Los Robles, Nicaragua. For years the Tinoco Family has volunteered countless hours  on community projects that help support their neighbors. They have also helped Comunidad Connect’s Director of Community Development, Yarisleidy Cortez, identify families living in precarious situations; all of whom now have adequate housing through the Homes For Good program. 

Like most subsistence farmers in northern Nicaragua, coffee picking season (November- January) is the most important time of the year to earn income. For Josefa’s family, Jose leaves for months to work on farms at higher elevations, while Josefa and her daughter will work locally in Los Robles, usually in 12 hours shifts.

Josefa’s collapsed home

In 2018, their family home collapsed due to rotten wood. At that time, Comunidad Connect helped improvise a living space with sheet metal and a new roof. Although grateful, Josefa expressed fears of being unsafe, citing previous home robberies. Determined to rebuild a better home one day, Josefa began to save and buy quarry stones one at a time. 

Josefa’s quarry stones

In December of 2021, Josefa’s dream became reality when Comunidad Connect broke ground on her new home. She will soon have her gallbladder removed and the new home will be the healthy, comfortable and safe space Josefa deserves to rest and recover in.

New home taking shape

Homes For Good is made possible by donors from our community of support, local volunteers like the Tinoco Family, and local masons and carpenters who we contract to carry the project through. We are thankful for these partnerships that have strengthened our capacity to create meaningful change in the lives of others. Thank you for your trust and generosity.

You can learn more about our Housing initiatives below:

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