Yarisleidy Cortez working with community mason, Guadalupe Gadea

Yarisleidy Cortez is our Director of Community Development and spends a lot of time in Los Robles, Nicaragua (pop. 2,100). When we started building homes, the interest and demand from the community of subsistence coffee farmers was overwhelming. To avoid any bias, Yarisleidy works closely with local community health workers to identify families that are particularly vulnerable like single mothers, the elderly, and families caring for loved ones with special needs. Each family submits a letter of interest, is vetted, and ultimately selected by a group of CC staff and local resident leaders. 

As of March 1, 2022 Comunidad Connect has built 18 homes that directly benefit 65 people. These homes are more than just sturdy walls, clean floors, and warm beds – and the beneficiaries far outnumber 65 people. Neighbors, family, and friends can now visit and care for each other and the next generations will know safety and security as a way of life for decades to come.

Building an entire home in just over 2 weeks is no small task and we can not do it alone. Fortunately, several talented masons reside in Los Robles whom we contract to lead each home build. Guadalupe Gadea is the most experienced mason and is a joy to work with. Here he is featured in one of our Community Snapshots.

Don Guadapule Gadea community snapshot

We have met incredible people in this work who have persisted and overcome insurmountable challenges in their lives. Here are their stories. 

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