The Los Robles clinic is a primary care center that conducts over 3,000 consultations a year. 95% of the patients are women and children seeking assistance with common ailments like diarrhea and upper respiratory infections, as well as pre-and post-natal checkups by the clinic’s medical personnel. The clinic is also home base for community-wide campaigns like vaccines and outbreaks like COVID, malaria, and dengue.
In addition to this primary care facility, Comunidad Connect assists a support system for the 20+ brigadistas that serve as advocates and caregivers for their community of Los Robles. CC provides education and outreach workshops throughout the year to strengthen the brigadista’s capacity to be the first line of help for the most vulnerable residents in their neighborhood. Topics have included sexually transmitted diseases, teenage pregnancy, conflict resolution, personal hygiene, mosquito-transmitted diseases, and more.

Map of Los Robles, Nicaragua created by Pablo Ortin

(Centro de Salud Comunitario = Community Health Center/Clinc) 

Brigadistas attending a health training with Enma

Comunidad Connect’s approach to community health relies on public and private partnerships with local organizations and international academic institutions. These relationships help guide our work by establishing evidence of needs and strengths in local communities, and co-creating pilot projects to address relavent challenges. Initial research by Georgia State and Kennesaw State Universities revealed pervasive chronic diarrhea and upper respiratory illness in the community which prompted CC to begin building clean-cookstoves, water filters, concrete floors and entire homes to improve family health. See here for a list of our current and past academic partners.

Community health summit in Nicaragua with academic partners

Respiratory therapy students from Gerogia State University working in Los Robles

Comunidad Connect believes that health is a primary driver for economic well-being for individuals, families, and communities. We aspire to increase access to critical health services in vulnerable communities  because we know that when residents become sick less often, they can do more for themselves and their families. Productive families mean productive communities and economic growth.

Los Robles Clinic data over the past several years

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