Bentoberfest VI: Together For Health

On October 16, our global community came together in-person and virtually to raise awareness and funding for our Together For Health program. We premiered a brand new video that features Jon Thompson, Ben and Karen Thrower, and our good friends in Nicaragua as they presented our annual Caregiver Of The Year Award.


You can access the video here, and make your own impact by donating to Comunidad Connect today. To learn more about our work and ways you can get involved, reach out to us at You can make a difference in the lives of others – it’s not as difficult as you might think!

CC Panel: MS & COVID-19S Panel – Challenges & Solutions for the Global Village

Thank you very much to all who attended our virtual symposium, “MS & CV-19: Challenges & Solutions for the Global Village”. A special thanks to Dr. Ben Thrower from Shepherd Center Atlanta and Dr. Sonja Rasmussen from the University of Florida for sharing with us your expertise and insights. For those who missed it, you can watch the entire presentation on our Youtube channel with the link here. 

Homes For Good – Yorlin’s Story

Yorlin Osorio is 9 years old and was born in the remote town of Wiwili, Nicaragua, which is 4 hours by car from the nearest city. She moved to Los Robles (pop. 2,100) with her grandparents and mother when she was 6 years old. Her grandfather was in need of steady employment after his only son was accidentally electrocuted at work. Yorlin‘s mother, the only living child of her parents, has a diagnosed cognitive disability which limits her to manual labor….Click here to continue reading and watch the project videos.

Gardens For Good

In 2019, 80% of Los Robles was food insecure. Of those 1,700 men, women, and children, 600 were severely food insecure. This means they were hungry but not eating, or not eating for an entire day, due to lack of money or other resources. Our new initiative called ‘Gardens For Good’ aims to combat this food insecurity by helping families cultivate vegetables on their small plots of land. The first pilot families will serve as catalysts to replicate this project with many more of the 450+ families living in Los Robles. Special shout-out to Harold Acuña from the Instituto Nacional Tecnológico for his support and guidance in this project. Check out this link for more photos from the project. 
To learn more about our work and how donations create impact in Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic, email us at or call us at 404-444-9147. Gracias!

You can help enhance the quality of life for thousands of people in Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic.

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