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Learning Journey: Dominican Republic 

Homes For Good Campaign

Nica Agua 3.0

Save The Date: May 27th


Constanza, Dominican Republic 

Learning Journey

On April 29, a small group of board members ventured back to the Dominican Republic to reconnect with well-established partners and explore opportunities in new communities…

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Hermina, Paula, and Veronica in front of their new home

Homes For Good

On May 17th, we dedicated a new home to the family of Paula Vargas. That day, she used keys to open her front door for the first time. Light filtered through windows she never had before. She now can stretch out in her own bed under a brand new roof and know that when the rains begin, she need not be fearful of leaks and muddy floors. 

Tania Picado (white shirt) in front of her new home

Tania Picado knows that feeling well. We dedicated her new home in March. Nicolasa, Reyna, Concepcion, Trinidad, Aura Lila, Blanca and Julio, all know that feeling too. Yet there are many others that do not.

$2,500 builds a new home in Nicaragua and we are currently raising $5,000 to build homes for two families in June. The Summer rains are coming soon, but we can help families prepare if we put our resources together.

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All donors receive access to our Songs For Good event on May 27th. 

A big thank you to Tonya and Amara Phillips for sponsoring Paula’s home! 

Contact us for more information about our Homes For Good program.



Rosario Granados with her bio-sand filter

Nica Agua 3.0

Given the success of our bio-sand filter pilot project in the Dominican Republic, we are rolling out Nica Agua 3.0! Based on our model that leverages community service as currency to earn water filters, Nica Agua is currently underway with an initial cohort of 50 families in Los Robles. See here for footage from the field as families build their water filters with Yarisleidy Cortez, our Director of Community Development. 


Songs For Good

Join us on May 27 for a musical showcase from our community of friends and family. Jon Thompson and special guests will host an interactive evening from 7 pm – 8 pm online. Donate today and receive access to this musical experience for all ages. To donate and learn more, click here. See you May 27!!

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