On April 29, a small group of board members ventured back to the Dominican Republic to reconnect with well-established partners and explore opportunities in new communities. We were first hosted by Puente – a nonprofit organization using data to make international development more collaborative and efficient. The Puente team took us into the far reaches of the Constanza highlands to see projects ranging from spring fed water distribution, water filters, household bathrooms, and concrete floors. These projects are prioritized by local committees, driven by reliable data they collect themselves using Puent’s unique mobile app. 

Comunidad Connect with the Puente team

From Constanza we headed to Cabarete on the North Coast. Brian and Jorge hosted us at the Carambola Surf House and introduced us to the Marullos project, which works with at-risk youth through surf, nutrition, English and yoga. Similar to our youth Connections program in Nicaragua, Marullos seeks to open doors for young people to grow and become protagonists for change in their community and beyond. 

Visiting with Ribe in Pancho Mateo

Cabarete is a quick drive to Montellano, where we reconnected with our good friend Ribe. Since we helped dig the septic system in 2019, his team has installed over 75 bathrooms in the Hatian sector of Pancho Mateo and are stewards of the soccer field where trash used to be dumped. He partners with the non-profit Serve To Lead and is starting a youtube channel called El Batey. 

Road outside Constanza

20 minutes away we visited the community center in the town of Severet that CC helped build a few years ago with Health Horizons International.  There we met a few HHI board members who were in the country providing a weeklong health clinic with their amazing group of health promoters and program staff.

Visiting friends in Severt

Our learning journey to the Dominican Republic was unforgettable. We are overflowing with energy and ideas for our Cultural Connections program and how synergies with our DR partners will deepen our impact throughout Central America and the Caribbean. Contact us today for more information about our upcoming trips and how you can get involved!

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