Over the course of two weeks, we constructed a new home for Tania and her children. Her second-oldest, Crisbel, has been a patient of the Together For Health program for several years now and has made incredible progress with her mobility and temperament. However, their current house was in dire shape, offering no sense of security or protection from the elements. Through the video playlist, you can follow along every step of the way, as we bring your closer to the work than ever before. Special thanks to the Zambrano and Divens families for making this project possible.

The impact of every home we build extends much further than the direct benefit to the family. Construction of Tania’s new home begins at a local hardware store in Jinotega, Nicaragua, where materials are sourced, loaded, and delivered to the worksite. Check out this short montage from the first step of a life-changing project.

Construction has begun on the new home for Tania and her family in Los Robles, Nicaragua. The first step is to mix cement with sand and water to hand pour the floors. This is labor our past volunteers know quite well, and we hope this brief time-lapse video brings back memories of your time working with us, our local building crew, and families like Tania’s.

Yarisleidy Cortez is our Director of Community Development. Here she updates us on the new home construction for Tania and her family. Thank you for your support and for following along. 

Construction of the new home for Tania and her family is right on schedule. The walls of the living room are going up and framing for the roof is beginning to take shape. By the weekend, the family should be able to begin transitioning into the new space so their current shelter can be replaced with the kitchen.

Keysi (15) is Tania’s oldest child and Joharly (4) is her youngest. Yesterday we asked them what they were most looking forward to about their new home. We can build many more homes together. Please contact us if you would like more information about how you can make a difference.

Happy Monday from Los Robles, Nicaragua. By Wednesday, Tania and her family should be settled into their safe and secure new home. 

Today we loaded beds and furniture for Tania’s new home. She and her four children have been sleeping in the same sunken bed for years. Their new home will be more than just four walls, concrete floors, and a sturdy roof. When we dedicate their new home tomorrow, it will be a new beginning.

Yesterday was a very special day for Tania and her family. While she and her children were away for the afternoon, we delivered the beds, furniture, and a few special gifts for the family. They returned to be joined by her loved ones and neighbors as the keys to their new home were presented. Afterwards, they found the surprises inside, culminating with a virtual conversation with CEO, Jon Thompson.

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