If 2020 taught us anything, it is to expect the unexpected, trust in our guiding principles, and believe in the strength of community. Doing so last year allowed Comunidad Connect to persevere and feed the hungry, build homes for the homeless, and create jobs for the unemployed in Nicaragua. We could not have done it without each and every one of you – Thank You. 

We are already hard at work in 2021, expanding our most successful programs and developing new initiatives to address emerging challenges in our partner communities. This year, we aspire to bring clean water to 100 families, new homes for 10 families, prepare and deliver thousands of meals, care for 3,000+ patients, conduct 250+ medical home visits, and so much more. Working together as a community, we harness incredible potential and address critical priorities in Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic. 

If you would like to learn more about our work or how you can get involved, please contact us today at info@comunidadconnect.org


Jon Thompson

A Home For The Holidays

In November, we shared the story of Trinidad Gonzales and her children with Dr. Doug Gardenhire – Chair of Respiratory Therapy at Georgia State University. Doug has traveled with students to Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic with Comunidad Connect since 2017. Trinidad is a single mother in rural Nicaragua who was living in a makeshift shelter with her two children. 

Doug was moved by her story and felt his community would support our effort to build her a new home. Together, we created an online fundraising page that Doug shared with his friends, family, and colleagues. By mid-December, they had reached the goal of $2,500; enough for our team to build Trinidad and her family a home. 

There are currently 40 families in Los Robles needing new or rehabilitated homes. You can help us address housing security for the most vulnerable people in Nicaragua by contacting us today. The link here provides more about Trinidad, including a short documentary about the building process. 

Community Advocacy and Action

In February 2020, Comunidad Connect board members Carey Moede and Adrian Morffi along with Dr. Kinsuk Maitra from Georgia State University, carried a new bed to the home of Doña Teresa. She was a beneficiary of our Food For Good Program who lived alone in the community of Los Robles and sadly her bed was stolen from her.  The physical and mental health of Doña Teresa began to weaken.

With her increasing fragility, the CC team and Brigadistas of Los Robles began advocating for her to relocate to an assisted living facility in nearby Jinotega. She was reluctant to leave home initially but has now made friends, enjoys living in her new community, and her health is improving. The bed delivered to her has been reallocated to Eliezer, a 5 year-old patient of our Together For Health program who become permanently disabled by a car accident. 

Our community grows stronger when we lift each other up!

Every Wednesday in 2021, we will be highlighting people who inspire us to think and act differently through our Weekly Snapshots. If someone or some organization you know fits this description, please feel free to nominate them. If selected, you and your nominee will also enter into a raffle for special prizes!

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