As Hurricanes Theta and Iota bore down on rural communities across Nicaragua, we thought about the new homes that Comunidad Connect built in 2020. Images of sturdy roofs, concrete floors, warm beds, and dry wood in the stove eased concern for the vulnerable families we support in the community of Los Robles. Just months prior, they were sharing dingy beds set upon dirt floors, under leaky tarp roofs, with salvaged sheet metal walls. Now, the rainy season is not a time to seek shelter elsewhere, but rather to gather as a family and give thanks for what many of us take for granted – a home. 

This is but one example of how the CC community came together in 2020 to help neighbors, friends, and family overcome challenges aggravated by the pandemic, natural disasters, and severe poverty. Since January, our network of donors, staff, and community partners have made remarkable impact, including:

  • Built new homes for 6 families

  • Conducted 255 medical home visits

  • Driven patients 7,000+ km to specialists and hospitals

  • Prepared and delivered 2,000+ meals

  • 3,000+ consultations in Los Robles clinic

  • Injected $16,000+ in local economy via temporary jobs

Comunidad Connect brings people together to solve life’s most pressing challenges. Donors this year raised over $10,000 to build 6 new homes in Nicaragua. Meet the extraordinary families and the team of field staff and community partners that made it happen here.

Comunidad Connect Holiday Catalog

The giving season is in full swing, and online shopping just got more rewarding! Give your friends and family the experience of changing someone’s life this holiday season by selecting from our wide range of gifts that will bring joy to households across cultures. 

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