In May of 2020, 50 people donated to build three homes in rural Nicaragua.  Given the efforts of local volunteers, we came in under budget and were able to dedicate an additional home for Aura Lila, a Brigadista in the community.

Aura Lila has been a Brigadista in the Rondanas sector of Los Robles for 15 years. She has always lived with her family, never having a space of her own. For the past 4 years, she has lived with her sister, but the home has become overcrowded.

Sadly, Aura lila suffers from lumbar, kidney and ovarian problems that often cause pain and have limited the type of work she can perform. Her dream was to have a place of her own where she could host her neighbors and fellow Bridgaistas. This year, with support from our generous community, we have made this dream a reality.  

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