Inocencio Altamirano (74) lives in the community of San Esteban with his daughter and wife, Maria. He has a chronic pulmonary illness and six years ago, a stroke left him with pain in his bones which limits motion of his arm and legs. He relies on his family to help with physical therapy and mobility.

Juan Carlos (30) was born with infantile cerebral paralysis, rendering him unable to walk, feed, or clean himself on his own. He lives in the community of Los Robles with his father, brother, and mother, who provide constant care and offer their loved one the best quality of life possible.

Raquel (17) was born with a cognitive disorder resulting in limited mental capabilities. She is hyperactive, compulsively bites her hands, and suffers from seizures. Her grandmother, Rosario, relies on our Together For Health program for social and medical support. 

People like Inocencio, Juan Carlos, and Raquel can be found throughout small rural communities in Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic. So often, people living with permanent disabilities are left to fend for themselves without access to adequate care, food, and shelter.

Comunidad Connect responds by engaging its network of local health promoters, volunteers, and donors so that vulnerable families not only have safe shelter, nutritious meals, and quality healthcare, but can also take steps towards independence.

All of us are Comunidad Connect, and we are all in this together. Thank you for your support.

You are invited to Bentoberfest V: Together For Health on October 24, 2020. Our virtual event is a celebration of our good friend Dr. Ben Thrower’s birthday and his family’s long-standing collaboration with Comunidad Connect in Nicaragua. Together, we provide direct care to vulnerable special needs patients like Inocencio, Juan Carlos, and Raquel and their families through medicine, home visits, and consultations with specialists.  

Join us this year from the comfort of your own home, but don’t forget your costume! There will be costume contests, silent auction, live music stages, DJ dance party, fortune teller tent, exhibit hall, and meeting rooms.

Tickets and event sponsorships are now available, so mark your calendars for 10/24 and get your costume ready for what will assuredly be a night to remember! 

All proceeds support our Together For Health program. Tickets and donations are all tax-deductible.

Comunidad Connect CEO, Jon Thompson, was recently invited on the Supply Chain Now podcast series: Logistics with Purpose. Jon shared his story of co-founding Comunidad Connect, how his upbringing shaped his professional career and the value of diversity. Special thanks to Enrique Alvarez from Vector Global Logistics for the invitation and to Scott Luton and Greg White for the hospitality. To see the full episode, click here. 

Veronica Arauz delivering meals with the Food For Good program

There are currently 35 monthly donors providing critical resources that we convert to medicine, food, health care, and shelter for the most vulnerable families in our partner communities. To show our appreciation, we are raffling off fun (and savory) prizes for these recurring supporters…

…and Brian Reilly is our first winner! Brian worked with Comunidad Connect as Princeton in Latin America Fellow several years ago and has been a monthly contributor since 2016. Congratulations Brian and thank you!

To enter future drawings, join our growing community of support for as little as $5 a month. Make your difference today! 

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