Words wield incredible power. They are vehicles of energy that display our souls to the world. We have complete control of our words; of what, when, and how we speak. And when we are mindful of the innate potential of our words, we can use them to move others into action. With this in mind, I share a few words with you today, and humbly ask that you do the same in some way, shape or form in the days, weeks, months, and years ahead with those around you.

It feels strange to even have to say this but let me be absolutely clear: Black Lives Matter

The more we express this truth to ourselves and others, the more our own convictions become social consciousness. As neighborhoods and communities throughout the world express solidarity with oppressed people of color, we weave tighter the connective tissue that binds us all: Humanity

We may look, think, act, and talk differently, but we are all humans capable of love and understanding. However, it is ultimately our decision, and ours alone, to leverage that capacity to build solidarity with the black community and actively support the movement to address systemic racism in all its forms.

There is hard and uncomfortable work to be done by people young and old, black and white. To right the wrongs of our past will likely take generations of effort. Comunidad Connect is committed to bringing together people that want to make a difference in the lives of others. We represent a diverse community of stakeholders and will create safe spaces for dialogue about racial equity and social justice. We invite our network to join us in denouncing racism, for our voices become stronger, more resilient when in the company of others. 

-Jon Thompson, CEO

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