I want you to know that our staff in Nicaragua are taking precautions to prepare and protect themselves, our community partners, and the thousands of people that rely on our support in times such as these. In addition to working from home, social distancing and adhering to strict hygiene protocols, we have delivered bulk supplies of medicine, masks, and hand sanitizer to special needs patients. The Los Robles Health Clinic remains open on a limited basis to chronic patients and prenatal care. Our community partners in the Dominican Republic are implementing similar protocols to mitigate the risks of coronavirus while adhering to a shelter in place order from the government.

As Nicaragua’s economy collapsed over the past 24 months, Comunidad Connect helped families overcome adversity by channeling them vital resources because of people like you. We need your help again. Please consider supporting our programs that supply critical medicine, food, and emotional support to the most vulnerable people during the weeks and months to come.

Our physical separation does not diminish our connectivity – in fact, it amplifies our solidarity. Amidst our changing landscape, we stand firmly committed with thousands of individuals like you – striving to make a difference in the lives of others. Thank you for your support, and please stay in touch as we all make our way forward, together.   


Jon Thompson
CEO & Founder
Comunidad Connect

Social Distancing might keep us physically apart, but by no means are we any less connected than before. One thing is for sure, we are ALL in this together and a little bit of positivity goes a very long way!

Over the coming weeks and months, we will bring to you a virtual variety show called ‘The Connection’, with segments about, reports from the field, guest interviews, live events, music, and musicians and recorded podcasts from Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, and the USA.

Check out The Connection on SpotifyAnchor, and Youtube. 

Recent Episodes: 

Success Story: Meyling Gutierrez

Meyling Gutierrez (age 4) is our “Warrior of Hope”

Meyling Gutierrez was born 4 years ago without a fully developed esophagus and required monthly trips to specialists in Managua, a full 6 hours by bus from her home in Los Robles, Nicaragua. Comunidad Connect donors sponsored her medicine and transportation to Managua every month. Her feeding tube was removed in January 2020 and she is now learning how to eat with her mouth. 

Her family says Meyling is a testament from God. For the Comunidad Connect team, Meyling is a “Warrior of Hope” and inspiration to continue working for impact in the community. 

Visit our collective narrative to virtually accompany Meyling from her home in Los Robles to her doctor in Managua.

Meyling’s family is not alone. Three other families in our Together For Health program rely on us for transportation to their doctors in Jinotega and Managua. A small monthly gift takes less than two minutes to set up and helps us connect rural families with critical medicine and services. Click here to support families like Meyling’s in Los Robles, Nicaragua. 

What better way to connect with and continue supporting health programs in Nicaragua than by drinking Comunidad Connect Coffee.  Grown in the highland region of Jinotega, with cupping notes of chocolate, almond, and hints of cherry, this medium roast is perfect for all types of preparations. Make your order today with our online store! 

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