Yarisleidy provides updates on the current state of affairs in Nicaragua in the midst of the coronavirus crisis.

  • The government has yet to implement strict stay-at-home orders. 
  • However, Nicaraguan citizens, private businesses and nonprofits are taking actions themselves to follow social distance and health protocols.
  • Last week, Comunidad Connect delivered 3 months of medicine while distributing masks and hand sanitizer through our Together For Health and Food For Good program. The Los Robles Health Clinic remains open on a limited basis to chronic patients and prenatal care. 
  • People in Los Robles are fearful of what they have seen of social media
  • Most community residents live day-to-day and will have to continue to work despite the risks. 
  • There has been an increased awareness of the importance of handwashing within the community.
  • In San Juan del Sur and other tourist destinations, there are few foreign visitors.  

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