Concepcion Aguilar Mesa (31) is a single mother of four who lives in Los Robles, Nicaragua. As a young woman, Concepcion worked on local farms cooking and cleaning. As her family grew, she could not take them with her to work. Four years ago, she scraped up enough money to build a makeshift dwelling comprised of sheet metal walls, plastic tarp roof, and dirt floor.

Rural Nicaraguan communities like Los Robles are experiencing severe hardship in the wake of the socio-economic crisis that started in April 2018. Widespread unemployment and rampant inflation has undercut the ability of families to provide for themselves, much less care for their neighbors less fortunate like Concepcion. In response, Comunidad Connect has worked diligently to identify the most vulnerable families and advocate on their behalf.

In early July 2019, we built Concepcion and her family a new home with the help of both foreign and local volunteers.

CEO Jon Thompson at the worksite- Day 1

Day 2

Day 2- Part 2

Day 3

Day 3- Part 2

Concepcion receiving the keys to her new home

feel happy to have my house because is not falling in on itself. Now I feel that Concepción has left and I feel like another person. With this better house, I feel happy for my children. And my children are also proud to have a house that is not falling down. We feel like we have died and risen.
Concepcion Aquilar Mesa

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